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    CO2 Enrichment 

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    If plants grow under covers, in order to develop well, they must have the appropriate temperature, air humidity and substrate humidity, and the appropriate concentration of carbon dioxide. Feeding crops with this gas has a positive effect not only on plant growth. When given in the appropriate development cycle, CO2 increases the quality and quantity of the crop by not interfering with photosynthesis.

    CO2 also improves the condition of plants

    Using carbon dioxide for plants not only increases plant growth and yield, but also overall health. As a result, plants are more resistant to diseases and pests, more strongly absorb water and nutrients from the substrate, and their photosynthesis is more efficient thanks to the density of foliage.

    Most importantly, the feeding of carbon dioxide to plants must be discontinued in darkness. In the darkness, photosynthesis stops altogether and functioning gas feeders would contaminate the fed crops. Its amount must also be properly correlated with other elements that are necessary for plants.

    Ventilation in gas-fed crops is also important. It is better if it is closed and equalizes the temperature in the circuit cut off from the air outside the cover.

    When administering carbon dioxide, its concentration in the air must be checked

    It is known that feeding crops with CO2 improves the quality of photosynthesis, which directly affects the growth and yield of crops. Unfortunately, with inattention, exceeding the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air inhibits photosynthesis, and with long-term overfeeding with gas, plants may even die.

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