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    Reflective Films 

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    In addition to agrotextile, films are the most commonly used fabric in gardening, which is fully synthetic. The films are used in production temporarily or throughout the season, and their diversity allows them to be widely used at virtually every level of crop development.

    Foils have a wide range of applications

    In addition to the standard use, black foil with full coverage and black three-layer foil are used in controlled crops for periodic covering of plants. This way, the pace of their development is influenced. Black foil works best in the cultivation of cucumbers and strawberries in the beds. The three-layer foil limits the heating of the substrate by light reflections. The foil sold in the form of bags is the most practical for soilless production. The bags or sleeves can be filled with coconut fibers, mineral wool and the like, in order to carry out controlled crops thanks to the relative sterility of the substrate.

    Modified multi-layer films, stabilized and resistant to changing environmental conditions, are even used in field crops. Then, they reduce the heat of the soil, preserve its moisture, structure and chemical stability, which is especially important for developing plants.

    Mirror films are increasingly used in gardening

    Mirror foils are mainly used to increase the intensity of light and its orientation in crops under covers. The most commonly used are glossy and uniform films or embossed multi-layer films. Especially the latter not only perfectly reflect light, but thanks to the shape of the embossing, they prevent reflections when reflected. Hot spots could burn plants under high light intensity and high air humidity.

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