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    Temp. & Humidity Control 

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    The timer can be used to manually switch the devices connected to it on and off. You can buy simple programmers and drivers or choose complicated devices with advanced technology.

    Using the timer makes your work easier

    Its setting and preparation for work is very easy. It only consists in connecting to a power source and, using the numeric keypad or teeth, setting the moment at which the controlled device should operate. Thanks to this, it will be much easier to control many activities, over which supervision could be troublesome. Especially since most timers and controllers can work continuously, switching between scheduled tasks, also set simultaneously for several devices.

    The use of programmers is versatile

    Any electronic device can be connected to the timer. The programmer and controllers are most often used in gardening, to control sprinklers, heating, ventilation and lighting. They are often used in agriculture, where they control lamps, radiators, heaters and ventilation, as well as a conveyor belt, feeders, and even "artificial hens". In hobby breeding, they control lighting and heating, e.g. in an aquarium or terrarium. Timers are also necessary in households, for example to turn on boilers or turn on the lighting temporarily.

    The programmer should suit your needs

    When buying a timer, price should not play a major role. We recommend paying attention to the functionality of the device and its practical use in our conditions. The market is full of programmers and drivers, so there should be no trouble with that.

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