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The Growbox is a complete cultivation kit where you can create ideal conditions for plant development, from sowing to harvesting. You can buy a simple amateur set and appropriately developed professional sets.

Growbox - a set of mother Nature at home

The growbox set will allow you to grow plants in optimal conditions, regardless of the room in which it works.

If you are a beginner gardener, we recommend a small grow kit. The tent has basic equipment. It has an energy-saving lamp, a fan and an electronic weather station, enabling complete control of the climate inside the device.

With more skills, the store can offer you an extensive growbox set. Depending on the size, the set may have a digital power supply, temperature sensors, an electronic programmer, and a mini weather station. Sufficient lighting of plants growing inside is ensured by sodium lamps and reflectors that diffuse the light and prevent heat stagnation. A feature of complete cultivation kits is a set of carbon filters and fans creating ideal air circulation, essential for the proper cultivation of plants in a tent.

Health at your fingertips

Thanks to the growbox from growing plants at home, you will eliminate the need to protect plants and minimize the amount of fertilizer doses. Your plants will be grown in the cheapest and ecological way.

The shop has a set for everyone, perfect for direct sowing and professional cultivation at home. Thanks to the growbox kit, your gardening can enter a new level.

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