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    Harvesters / Trimmers 

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    • Original Tumble Trimmer, harvester.

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    • Multi Trimmer M-1002 from Oruga Verde is a device created in order to trimm our marijuana crop. This is a model superior to the Trimmer M-1001from Oruga Verde : slightly larger and which will allow us to work simultaneously with a friend and handle so more important amounts of weed.

      7 260,00 zł
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    • Oruga Verde presents its new trimming machine for cannabis flowers, specially designed for personal crops. Harvest time will be easier than ever before with the Eco-Trimmer.

      3 092,00 zł
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    • To respond to the needs of larger producers, the Trimpro Automatik XL has a capacity and productivity ratio 5 times greater than its baby brother, the Trimpro Automatik.

      38 002,00 zł
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    • Let the TRIMPRO AUTOMATIK do the job for you. Equipped with a powerful three phase motor mated with a variable speed dimmer, height adjustable four (4) blades assembly and a circular hermetic structure that creates a whirlwind effect, the Trimpro Automatik is the fastest and safest way to trim your plants.

      11 054,00 zł
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    • The new TRIMPRO ROTOR has been designed and developed at the request of end users who are looking for yet another gentle and efficient Trimpro quality product. 

      8 037,00 zł
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