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Ventilation is extremely important for the neutralization and removal of odors. In addition, it helps to spread co2 if we just feed it to the plants. It mixes the air, which makes it easier to maintain uniform temperature and air humidity throughout the entire crop under covers.

Ventilation is a whole system of devices

Adequate fans, usually in-line or centrifugal, with an appropriate operating capacity are the most important for ventilation. If someone is disturbed by noise, they must also pay attention to this aspect and equip themselves with acoustic silencers. The fan should be installed in such a way that it mixes all the air, and not only the upper parts, for example. It is good if one, even the simplest, is aimed at the light bulbs, which will naturally cool.

Using fans will not remove odors, but it can neutralize them. If you want to get rid of an undesirable odor, you need to have an anti-odor, carbon filter. Odor removal will be possible thanks to efficient and quick action. For odor extraction to be active, the filter must be placed in front of the fan if air is to be sucked in and circulated under covers, or behind the filter, whereby the contaminated air is forced out of the closed circuit. Of course, you can always buy a ventilation kit or spray an intensely and efficiently refreshing fragrance.

Anti-odor filters are effective

Anti-odor filters are usually carbon and have varying degrees of efficiency. When selecting them, the following should be taken into account: connection diameter, capacity and volume of the room. The investment in their purchase pays off quickly, as some models can be refilled with activated carbon. Certainly, in some crops, it is not worth abandoning the use of filters.

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