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Control & Measurement 

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The meters are easy-to-use devices that reduce the need for a difficult diagnosis of temperature, soil salinity and its pH, electrical conductivity or the amount of solids dissolved in water. They are usually cell-powered devices, easy to calibrate, reliable and accurate in calculations.

The meters are very functional

Even on professional farms, they significantly reduce the need for laboratory visits or inspections by specialized units. The meters usually allow several measurements, which significantly broadens the spectrum of their application. The switching of the measuring parameters takes place after pressing the button. These devices have an ergonomic, compact and strong housing that is waterproof. Their calibration is extremely simple and based on clear messages on the display. The measurement itself is performed with a multi-functional, interchangeable probe, and the readings are virtually instantaneous. Most probes have fiber junctions and gel electrolyte, so they can be used under conditions as unfavorable as fertilizers.

Each meter requires a fluid for calibration

These can usually be purchased immediately when purchasing the meter. Each of the liquids has an appropriate pH and is used to calibrate the device. It allows you to maintain the accuracy of the measurement by returning the indications to the value of the zero point on the meter electrode. As a result, the meter can be used without any problems with alkalis, neutral liquids and even acids, which will not affect the subsequent quality of the measurements taken.

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