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The growbox lighting provides the plant with enough light

This has a positive effect on maintaining the appropriate rate of photosynthesis, and therefore also the proper growth of plants. In addition, it allows the plant to produce adequate amounts of chlorophyll and regulates the entire development cycle of crops, also in terms of the level of photosensitivity.

That is why lamps, lighting sets and their individual elements are always carefully selected so that they provide the right lighting power, good light beam and spectrum, and even the chromatic temperature or luminous efficiency, which affects the emission of light with optimal parameters for a given crop.

Lighting kits help beginners

The kits not only provide the plants with the best light. They are also a practical solution for novice gardeners who are not yet sufficiently familiar with the technique of growing under cover.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of lighting sets for growboxes. The proposed devices will ensure maximum adaptation of the growing environment to the plant requirements.

Lighting sets

They contain appropriate lamps, switching and power cables, power supply systems and reflectors matched to the lamp power. Each of the elements is selected so as to be compatible and perfectly complement the designed lighting set.

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