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    Plant Protection 

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    The market offers a wide range of ecological substances that are harmless to humans, animals, plants and groundwater, and at the same time are effective in protecting or healing crops.

    Ecological plant protection products are not always effective

    The most commonly used ecological plant protection products are made of natural ingredients such as herbs and weeds or are prepared from ready-made biopreparations. Some may contain live predators or parasites of the pest to be controlled. The best examples are nematode bacteria or larvae of some beneficial insects that develop in the body of the pest. Their action is effective, provided that they are used quickly enough and their application is regular and long-lasting. Unfortunately, if we do not skilfully protect plants with natural means, and the disease or pest spreads strongly, it may be necessary to use synthetic substances or to eliminate the entire crop.

    Ecology is the future

    By using the right plant protection measures, organic farming and healthy food are at your fingertips. It is worth running ecological gardens using natural plant protection products. Extracts, decoctions, infusions, liquid manure are used here, which are most often prepared from nettles, dandelion, and horsetail.

    If you want to buy the right plant protection products, the store is a good source of this. The offered biopreparations have a high selectivity, do not show any adverse effects on plants, beneficial insects and bees, and do not require prevention and grace periods. Prices for natural plant protection products are comparable to those of synthetic substances. Even if they are more expensive, it is worth remembering about their advantages.

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