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List of products by manufacturer - Superpro Hydroponics

  • The CARBON-D1 Deluxe Digital CO2 Controller features a precision NDIR carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor that measures the level of CO2 up to 2500 PPM. The CARBON-D1 can be used to control supplemental CO2 in greenhouses, or vent excessive CO2 from mushroom arms or closed indoor spaces. A resettable circuit breaker and heavy-duty internal construction ensures...

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  • The CARBON -B1 is designed to cost-effectively control the CO2 level inside a growing area. An extremely accurate NDIR CO2 PPM sensor (part-per-million meter) is combined with a digital microprocessor to create an accurate and simple method to control supplemental CO2 use in a greenhouse. The unit can control CO2 levels up to 2500PPM. The user selects the...

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  • The SUPERPRO CRL-1 Combination Recycling and Lighting Timer offers horticulturists some of the most essential safety features available to control supplemental lighting and hydroponic pumps.

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  • The D1-PPM Carbon Dioxide controller provides high-end performance, at economy pricing. Starts by using a highly accurate NDIR CO2 sensor. The CO2 Sensor is located in a remote sensor enclosure that can be positioned up to 5 meters from the main controller. Included inside the remote sensor enclosure is also a photocell which will detect light levels to...

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  • The D1-TIM Digital controller is a very accurate device that allows the user to control EITHER a cooling or heating device. A two meter long water-proof remote temperature sensor can be placed where it can sense the water or air temperature that the D1-TMP will be controlling. The user first selects whether they are controlling a cooling or a heating...

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  • CO2 SUPERPRO DDAC-1 COMP SOFTWARE USB LINK We now have the SUPERPRO DDAC-1 Software and Link USB adaptor for remote monitoring with a windows PC. As it’s an ethernet style cable it could be extended to suit any location. The software is dedicated to this unit Which is the latest deluxe room controller (it’s 2 yrs ahead of the Sentinel as superpro...

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  • Replaceable burners for GEN-4 and GEN-10 generators for natural gas.

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  • The THERM -B1 temperature controller is designed to activate a cooling or heating device.  A digital microprocessor and solid state temperature sensor are combined to create an accurate and reliable method to control temperature between 7 to 35’C.

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  • The VAPOR-B1 is a humidity controller that can control either a dehumidifier or humidifier. Once the VAPOR-B1 is connected to a power source, and the humidification device is connected to the VAPOR-B1 power outlet, the device connected will be automatically controlled by the settings on the VAPOR-B1.

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