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    LEC CMH Lighting Kit 

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    CMH or LEC lighting systems (Ceramic Metal Halide or Light Emitting Ceramic) are new generation ceramic lamps that provide great performance in relation to the energy consumption.

    Their ability to reproduce a wide range colour spectrum from blue, required for growth, through the red and far red colours, best for the flowering phase, noting that they also contain UV make their production is higher than in case of using HPS lights.

    The main reason for using the new CMH or LEC lighting technology is its ability to create a large floral mass, a large number of buds, with relatively little light power when compared to HPS lights.

    With HPS lamps you can aim to achieve the ratio of 1g per watt of power, and with LEC or CMH lights the ratio can be raised up to 1.6g or even more per watt, depending on the skill of the cultivator.

    Far red is a part of the light spectrum that few HPS bulbs are capable of reproducing and if they do it is in very low quantities and for a short time, but with CMH or LEC lamps, the opposite is the case.

    This new ceramic lighting technology also emits UV rays, which have a direct impact on the development of cannabis plants. In this case the ultraviolet light provokes higher THC production in the plants, with the natural objective of protecting the seeds of the plants from any potential UV light damage.

    The level of THC increases in the resin glands to better filter the UV light, just as if it were grown at a high-altitude, as the plants with higher levels of THC usually originate in high mountain regions such as the varieties from the Hindu Kush and Nepal, among other places where the quantity of UV rays are more potent than in regions at a lower altitude.

    Lower power consumption and higher production of not only buds but also THC levels are the great advantages of these new CMH or LEC lighting systems, as well as a longer useful life of the bulbs, which can last for up to 6 crops at full performance.

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