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Accessories play an important role in a well-functioning household or gardening, both professional and amateur. They complement the operation of machines and devices or constitute an integral part of activities. Many times, accessories are indispensable, e.g. for the precise metering of fertilizers and pesticides, spraying, programming the operation of complex irrigation and ventilation systems, etc.

Without measuring cups and pipettes it would be difficult to prepare the mixture

Especially pipettes and small syringes are used for precise measuring of liquids. Their measuring cups, largely negatively calibrated, allow to obtain a minimum measurement error, which is important many times when determining, for example, fertilizer doses. On the other hand, measuring cups, useful for measuring and dosing liquids and loose fertilizers, are used for less precise works.

The tools allow you to efficiently carry out most of the work

This group of products includes handy spring scissors, secateurs and machetes, but also small pressure sprayers and scalpels with handles that will enable precise laboratory work, e.g. when collecting clones.

Harvesters enable the automation of work

Reapers are the perfect trimmer for leaves sticking out at the plant and significantly accelerate their removal. This may be important for large crops or the need to "bridle" eg herbs and leaf vegetables.

Other accessories, including safety glasses, all kinds of bags and containers, scales, clips, microscopes and their components, as well as programmers and hangers, increase the efficiency of crops, the meticulousness of the work performed and their safety.

Accessories should be of interest to anyone who cares about an effective and well-done job, regardless of the accuracy requirements.

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