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Production pots are important to every gardener. They are used for sowing seeds and producing seedlings. You can plant bulbs in them for sprouting or prepare flowers for wintering.

Types of production pots

The production pot is adapted to specific plants, functions and the nature of production. It facilitates the transfer of amateur plant propagation to the home.

The most frequently used are cheap, lightweight, easy-to-clean plastic pots. With a limited space, choose square pots. Round pots are also practical for small productions.

An alternative to plastic pots are foil pots. This type of bags is especially recommended for nursery crops. These pots are cheap, handy, you practically do not have to worry about storing them.

Material pots are convenient production pots. They create the best possible cultivation conditions. They can be used for several seasons. Cleaning them is limited to washing in a washing machine at low temperature.

We also recommend peat pots for production. It is a convenient solution if you do not want to replant seedlings or sprouted plants. The roots grow over the walls of the pots, while taking the necessary nutrients from the peat. It is a very ecological product.

The online store also offers modern, "breathable" pots that effectively improve the growth of the plant's root system. These pots will be the best if you want excellent seedlings or if you are producing nursery plants.

Create good conditions for the plant to start

Only well-chosen production pots will create optimal growing conditions for plants and will allow you to cheaply produce your own seedling. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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