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  • The CO2 Pad Natural carbons and acid absorbs the rooms humidity to power it’s reactions and create CO2 The CO2 Pad Produce enough CO2 to be of significant benefit for your indoor garden For gardeners who want to regulate their own CO2 week by week Customize CO2 by adding more of the CO2 Pads as you need them a costeffective method of delivering...

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  • The Boost Buddy is a perfect CO2 implementation system for beginning growers in very small spaces. This CO2 bag weighs in at five pounds and features a patented Tyvek breathe strip that is nine times the size of that found on any other available bag on the market. The Boost Buddy also now comes in a retailer-friendly all-white bag. Simply place the bag...

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  • Its time to take your indoor gardening to the next level with Co2Boost. Just plug in our Co2Boost pump and watch as your plants health and size increase daily! If used properly, Co2Boost provides your plants with Co2 for a full 90 days.

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