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    The accessories and devices needed for plant cloning and germination allow you to start demanding cultivation even at home. Accessories can accelerate the rooting of clones resulting from the collection of cuttings and cuttings of plants and create optimal conditions for their growth and development.

    Some plants require exceptional growing conditions

    Therefore, the best cultivation opportunities can be created for them with the use of mini greenhouses, heating mats and cables for thermophilic plants or the substrates used for sowing.

    Greenhouses are in the form of large tents or smaller plastic containers, equipped with ventilation, watering, lighting and temperature control systems. The accessories used in them enable and accelerate seed germination and rooting of clones. They help to create the right humidity of the ground and air as well as the right temperature. Moreover, they protect young plants against diseases and pests.

    The soil cubes, which are structured to ensure an appropriate ratio of air and water, also create exceptional growth conditions. Some media are vaccinated with nutrients to support the growth of young seedlings. All of them are made of organic, ecological materials that are completely used up for the needs of the growing plant, practically until it is planted permanently.

    Good seed germination is essential

    Sprouting can be left to nature, or you can try to create conditions in which the percentage of germinating plants will be high. Also, the growth of plants in an optimal climate will allow to obtain a satisfactory final yield.

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