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Eliminate Organic Odors With Vaportek!

Since 1979, Vaportek has been the pioneering force behind essential oil, dry vapor technology. Originally developed for use in cancer wards, our unique technology serves disaster restoration, medical, hospitality, hydroponic, athletic, automotive, pet, janitorial, and many other markets. We are also an international company with distributors worldwide. Vaportek’s dry vapor systems utilize natural essential oils to neutralize organic based odors, not mask. The ease of use, safety, effectiveness, and cost savings of our proven products make us the preferred choice! Whatever the severity of odors or the size of the treatment area, Vaportek has a simple solution. Place your trust in Vaportek and our original blend of oils for effective and permanent odor elimination. Beyond our 100% guarantee, we promise impeccable customer service, fair pricing, and a commitment to offer you a permanent solution for your organic odor problems.

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