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Watering potted plants is very important. Due to the limited space for roots and the small amount of substrate, water and nutrients supplied to plants during irrigation determine the quality of these plants.

We need to adapt the watering of plants in pots to the plant's requirements. Plants growing in very humid soil cannot have dry soil. Species that grow in a moist substrate should have a dry layer of approx. 2 cm, while plants from a dry environment grow best in the substrate, which dries up to half of its height between waterings.

The plants are usually watered directly into the substrate

The soil in the pot should be poured out and only the liquid collected on the base should be removed. This makes the water, flowing through the substrate, evenly moisturize it over the entire section. Some plants require watering on a stand, others add water to the rosette. Species requirements should be taken into account in the method of plant care.

If we leave, an irrigation system is essential

Such a system allows, above all, to provide the plant with water, regardless of our absence at home, overwork or forgetfulness. The device for watering potted plants, however, works mainly during holidays or other trips. It is worth using, especially since even a self-assembly irrigation system will not be a problem for any DIY enthusiast.

When buying an irrigation system, the price should not prejudge the choice of device. Sometimes even the cheapest solutions are sufficient. Time-saving, efficiency and economic rationale should encourage the use of this opportunity.

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