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ATAMI Wilma 

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The Wilma grow-systems ensures that your plants are supplied with a nutrient solution in a professional way, so the plants lack nothing and can perform optimally. Watering manually is therefore no longer necessary in these growing systems.


  • Available in various sizes
  • Lightweight systems which makes them easy to transport
  • Stable design, allowing to place them everywhere
  • Automatic watering, which allows a perfect water/nutrition ratio
  • Manual watering in no longer needed
  • The Anti-Wilma System is a very well elaborated and easy to run hydroponic systems. The products are matched and offer plenty of options.Whether NFT, tide or even watering via dripper, the Wilma System is easily and with only a few attachments convertible.It is possible to use any growing media like for example rock wool (also as slabs), coco, hydro...

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  • Size29.5” x 29.5” x 7.9”75 cm x 75 cm x 20 cm IncludedWilma 4 Tank 50LWilma 4 Tray4 Atami 18L potsIrrigation systemPump

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  • Size45.3” x 45.3” x 7.9”115 cm x 115 cm x 20 cm IncludedWilma 8 Tank 150LWilma 8 TrayIrrigation systemPump

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  • Rectangular System for Hydroponic Growing Wilma Hydroponic System guarantees your plants be equipped with food water in a professional way, avoiding the deficiencies and allowing an excellent performance. With this cultivation system, the manual irrigation will no longer be necessary. You can put 8 pots of 11 liters in the tray. In this way, plants will...

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  • Wilma is a joint collaboration between Atami and Nutriculture and is as simple to use as a pot, but with less maintenance thanks to the timer which automates feeding. The pots are filled with your chosen growing medium, you set the timer to the desired feeding duration and frequency, and a pump delivers nutrient solution through the drippers into the...

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