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TECO HY-1000 CHILLER / WATER HEATER, MAX 1000L, RANGE: 18-22 ° C, 310W


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Ask about product

TECO HY-1000 CHILLER / WATER HEATER, MAX 1000L, RANGE: 18-22 ° C, 310W

TECO HY-1000 CHILLER / WATER HEATER, MAX 1000L, RANGE: 18-22 ° C, 310W

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without the use of soil substrate, using mineral nutrients in an aqueous solution.

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Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without the use of soil medium, using mineral nutrients in an aqueous solution. Although the concept of hydroponic cultivation has been around for millennia, it has only recently received more attention because by following the correct cultivation rules, the hydroponic method produces greater, faster, and healthier results than other cultivation methods, with significant environmental benefits. In hydroponics, water temperature control is extremely important. Plant roots require large amounts of oxygen to grow, and at lower temperatures the water can carry more oxygen. When the water rises above 25 degrees C, the roots are unable to work effectively, leading to wilt and the development of worms, fungi and diseases.

Most hydroponic systems have an ideal water temperature of 18-22 ° C to protect against pathogens. However, in turkey cultivation, the growing environment can be very warm due to the use of artificial lighting, heating, and poor ventilation, especially during warm months, causing the above-mentioned problems.

Hence Teco SRL the leader in cold fields has invented a full range of cost effective and fully efficient tools to keep the nutrient solution as well as the water in the hydroponic system at the ideal temperature.

From design to exit from the production line, our MADE IN ITALY hydroponic chillers are designed to ensure a high level of quality for the grower, in particular considering the use of high-quality materials, with particular attention to consumption and environmental concerns.



· Ideal for hydroponics (NFT - Technology nutrition, Ebb & Flood        

· DWC - Deep Water Culture, RDWC - Recirculating Deep Water Culture) aquaponic'a and aeroponic'a;        

· Fights heat, where relevant, providing always the ideal water temperature in the hydroponic system;        

· Wards away pathogens and diseases in plant roots;        

· Replaces using an air conditioning system and air heater at the same time, contributing to significant energy savings.        


The exclusive use of industry-recognized high-efficiency compressors ensures high efficiency. The technology used allows to reduce the noise level and achieve the highest coefficient of performance COP - Coefficient of performance contributing to significant energy savings.


The function setting is intuitive and the temperature detection is accurate. The setting range is 18 "- 22 ° C (64" -72 ° F).


The hydroponic cooling unit with its innovative design, solid structure and small size is suitable for limited space.  

HY500 / 1000/2000

Thanks to the innovative feeder, it is possible to install the aggregate inside the Growbox. If the aggregate is installed inside the growbox , the aggregate helps in the exchange of air and heat dissipation from the tent. If the device is installed outside the growing area , the aggregate contributes to the heating of the internal environment

Quick and easy maintenance of the magnetic air filter.

The standard built-in heater ensures continuous and optimal temperature maintenance in all conditions, allowing for and throughout the year.






Up to 500

400-800 lt / h

220 W.


Up to 1000

500-800 lt / h

310 W.


Until 2000

600-800 lt / h

435 Watts


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TECO HY-1000 CHILLER / WATER HEATER, MAX 1000L, RANGE: 18-22 ° C, 310W