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Hesi Starterset Soil


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Hesi Starterset Soil

Hesi Starterset Soil

This kit includes all you need for Hydroponic growing in soil, wether growing your favourite flowers, fruits or herbs.

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The HESI Starterbox Soil contains:

1x Root Complex 500ml
1x SuperVit 10ml
1x PowerZyme 500ml
1x TNT Complex 500ml
1x Bloom Complex 1000ml
1x Phosphorus Plus 1000ml
1x HESI BOOST 100ml
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TypeNutrient set
Substrate TypeSoil

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Hesi Starterset Soil

Pack content

  • 1 x Hesi Bloom Complex Soil 1L Hesi Bloom Complex Soil 1L

    NPK: 4-3-5 Providing all necessary nutrients during the blooming phase of your soil-based garden, Hesi Bloom Complex also contains a pH corrector to create the slightly acidic value needed during this plant phase. Formulated for soil grown gardens during the blooming stage. Bloom Complex has no unnecessary ballast so it can be fully absorbed by your...

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  • 1 x Hesi Phosphor Plus 1L Hesi Phosphor Plus 1L

    Additional phosphorus and potassium for flowering plants in soil.Flowering plants need an increasing amount of phosphorus and potassium. Hesi Phosphorus-Plus adds the correct dosage at the right time .Dosage: 25ml per 10 liters waterApplication: Hesi Phosphorus-Plusworks best in conjunction with Hesi Bloom-Complex. The pH-corrector of Bloom-Complex is...

    38,00 zł
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  • 1 x Hesi Power Zyme 500ml Hesi Power Zyme 500ml

    Hesi PowerZyme is an enzyme additive that works to break down dead plant and root matter, turning it back into sugars that can be used by the plant.When a plant has no further use for a leaf or root, it extracts all of the minerals, which is why lower leaves turn yellow and drop off. In nature, micro-organisms will break down this plant matter and turn it...

    39,50 zł
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  • 1 x Hesi Root Complex 500ml Hesi Root Complex 500ml

    Hesi Root Complex is an elixir for clones, young plants and plants in stressful situations suc as re-pottin. Root complex is a combination of trace elements and vital components (vitamins, amino acids, plant sugars and enzymes).  Root stimulator and anti stress additive nutrient all-in-one. The vital components in root complex activates a powerul root...

    73,50 zł
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  • 1 x Hesi Super Vit 10ml Hesi Super Vit 10ml

    Super active concentrate, composed of 25 stimulating vital components. Hesi SuperVit is highly concentrated mixture of vitamins and amino acids. That immediately improves the plants ability for osmosis, and the plants overall appearances. This results in a stronger growth and a fuller flowering.

    36,00 zł
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  • 1 x Hesi TNT Complex Grow Soil 500ml Hesi TNT Complex Grow Soil 500ml

    Fertilizer for the vegetative stage, developed particularly for soil. Hesi TNT Complex is enriched with growth-active vital elements which encrease the plant's energy and keep the flora in the soil healthy.Dosage:50ml per 10 liters water in the vegetative stage 25ml per 10 liters water for mother plants

    34,00 zł
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