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Grow The Jungle The Mantis 25W UV BOOSTER (365nm & 405nm) LED grow lamp

Grow The Jungle

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Ask about product

Grow The Jungle The Mantis 25W UV BOOSTER (365nm & 405nm) LED grow lamp

Grow The Jungle The Mantis 25W UV BOOSTER (365nm & 405nm) LED grow lamp

Grow The Jungle is the new technology brand of LED grow lights. The Jungle leds are based on the Samsung & Osram diodes with extremely high µM/J efficiency. N o-noise work , EU made, long span and unique design makes those lamps one of best choices on the market!

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  • Grow The Jungle The Mantis 25W LED LAMP is an additional growlight light produced to improve resin production, increase potency, avoid pests and increase terpene production in flowers.
  • *Made in Spain
  • *No noise work

What is the Led Grow The Jungle "Mantis" lamp?

LED Grow MANTIS 25W lamp is designed to improve working condition, improve resin, strengthen, prevent pest and increase terpene production in flowers. Mantis that combines at 365 nm that allows you to turn the fixture 405 nm the amount of ultraviolet light connects to the need for yields. The mantis has a lower size of 60 x 10 cm, the surface to be completed shall be shallow 1 m2.

UV Light Against Harmful Insects

Ultraviolet light has been proven to work as a solution to the mold and problem solution. In the event that insects occur, certain UVs produced by Meridian that increase the water development of the glycoside will force the natural to take measures to remedy.

Use of Ultraviolet Light To Prevent and Remove Mold

The ultraviolet light of the fungal DNA by Grow The Jungle's Mantis changes living things and lesions, preventing them from reproducing and moving. Using this LED lamp reduces the risk of mold growth.

How To Use The MANTIS Led Lamp From Grow Jungle?

It is important that souvenirs that ultraviolet light has advantages, advantages when used in the garden, even if there must be advertising service, if for the sake of the benefits they have turned into harm.


Turn on the Mantis LED lamp for up to 4 hours per day on the flowering date (last 4 weeks of flowering) for the best solution. We advise you in the evening, 4 hours or 4 hours before sunset. Never look directly at this Lamp from Grow The Jungle "Praying Mantis" when the UV LED light is on. Ultraviolet radiation is very harmful to the eyes and skin!

Spectrum And Mantis LED Lights

As we already know, Mantis is an LED lamp thanks to the + 405nm diodes which light with UV light. The power consumption of the Mantis is only 25W, so it's almost negligible.

Specification of Mantis from Grow The Jungle

    Type: LED fixture.
    Power: 25W.
    Voltage: 220-240V.
    Current: 0.11A.
    Size: 590 x 93 x 80 mm.
    Color temperature: 365nm + 405nm.
    Opening angle: 120º.
    PAR: 16 795 µmol / sec.
    Power efficiency: 0.583 µmol / J.
    LED model: Seoul Viosys.
    Driver: Tridonic / Philips / Helvar
    Function: UV LED to increase resin production, save and prevent pests.

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Grow The Jungle The Mantis 25W UV BOOSTER (365nm & 405nm) LED grow lamp

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