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Grow The Jungle The Brookes 35W LED grow bar lamp

Grow The Jungle

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Ask about product

Grow The Jungle The Brookes 35W LED grow bar lamp

Grow The Jungle The Brookes 35W LED grow bar lamp

Grow The Jungle is the new technology brand of LED grow lights. The Jungle leds are based on the Samsung & Osram diodes with extremely high µM/J efficiency. N o-noise work , EU made, long span and unique design makes those lamps one of best choices on the market!

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  • *Full Spectrum
  • *Samsung & Osram LEDs
  • *Reduces stress on plants thanks to less heat emitted by LEDs compared to HPS
  • *Made in Spain
  • *60000 Hours Life
  • *No noise work

What is the Led Grow The Jungle “Brookes” lamp?

The Brookes is the perfect solution for small seedlings and maples. Full spectrum LED strips from Grow The Jungle consume only 35W and provide plants with the right spectrum during growth and flowering. If you want to save on electricity and at the same time make your plants grow faster and look more healthy at the same time, this The Jungle BROOKS Led strip is the solution for you.

35W full-spectrum LED Brookes strips typically illuminate plants in their early stages of vegetative development. Brookes LED strips contain a driver and a plug, they are easy to stick (double-sided tape) or screw (using pre-drilled holes). Brookes guarantees the necessary intensity of plant vegetation and a full spectrum of light that will make your seedlings and clones grow faster and have more vitality.

Due to its full spectrum and high efficiency, these LED strips can replace 110W or even 220W propagators to increase the growth rate, low electricity consumption and heat generated by traditional appliances. Brookes II is a lantern designed for growing young plants, but it can also be used during flowering in mini gardens and even as additional lighting. The advantage of the full spectrum produced by The Brookes is that it provides plants with all the light needed for healthy and vigorous growth and increased flowering, reducing heat which further helps in terpenes production.

The Brookes Benefits For Your Plants:

Increasing the effective power thanks to PPF (photon photon flux). Energy savings thanks to the aluminum heat sink, which removes heat generated and extends the life of the LEDs. Improving the luminous efficiency thanks to a much fuller spectrum of light compared to fluorescent lamps and T5. Reducing the space needed for installation (almost nothing). Long life of computers thanks to Samsung LEDs providing over 50,000 hours of use. It comes with everything needed to set up and connect without the inconvenience of other LED devices. Each LED strip The Brookes is designed to cover an area of ​​40 × 60 cm.

Recommended Distance Between The Brookes and Plants:

Brookes is a very efficient LED luminaire that produces large amounts of light, so it is recommended to keep a minimum distance between the light and the plants of at least 30cm. If your plants are in the growing phase, our tip is to increase this distance to keep a distance of 40 cm (in the first days of the growing phase, it is recommended that the plant does not receive large amounts of light that it cannot absorb).

Specification of the Brookes 35W lamp:

    Power: 35W.
    Spectrum: Full spectrum of growth and flowering.
    Power tolerance: 10%.
    Power supply: 220-240 V.
    Power factor:> 0.95 Frequency 50/60 Hz.
    HPS equivalent power: 100W.
    Control and dimming: optional.
    Chip: SMD 2835 connection. Driver: Tridonic / Philips.
    Protection: IP20.
    Cover material: aluminum.
    Beam angle: 120º.
    PAR: 34.5 µmol / s.
    Size: 560 x 24 x 7 mm.
    Coverage area: 60x40cm
    Warranty: 2 years.

max lighting area (cm):    60x40
Real power consumption (W):    35
Spectrum:    The whole period
power (W):    35

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Grow The Jungle The Brookes 35W LED grow bar lamp

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